Crafting a Green Success Story with Bumfy

This is incredible journey with Bumfy is all about blending eco-friendly vibes with some serious digital strategy smarts.

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November, 2023

Cheyenne, Wyoming
E-Commerce, Sustainable Products
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Parcel Panel

Let’s take you on a journey with Bumfy, a brand that’s all about sustainable product promotion and eco-friendly brand marketing. They’re big on bamboo toilet paper marketing – yes, you heard that right, bamboo toilet paper! Now, as cool as their product is, they hit a bit of a rough patch when it came to getting their brand out there. That’s where emrktg. comes into the picture, and let me tell you, it’s quite a story.

The Beginning: A Bumpy Road

Bumfy had this vision of launching their website before Black Friday – a pretty big deal, right? But, things weren’t going as planned. They hired someone to design their website, but, oh boy, it wasn’t going well. The quality was off, and the timeline? Let’s just say it was more of a wish than a reality. And the content? They were promised compelling stuff but ended up writing it themselves. Talk about frustrating!

Our Team to the Rescue

Then comes emrktg., like a superhero in the world of digital marketing. We didn’t just take a peek at their website; we reinvented it! Our goal was to make it super user-friendly and a true reflection of what Bumfy stands for. But wait, there’s more! We didn’t stop at design and development. Our team dove headfirst into content marketing, tweaking and tuning the copy. The result? Content that wasn’t just appealing to customers but also a hit with search engines.

Email Marketing Magic

Now, let’s talk emails. We didn’t just set up a few automated responses. We created a whole email universe! Welcome emails, abandoned cart messages, browse abandonment alerts, order confirmations, shipping updates – you name it. And each email? Crafted with a tone that’s fun, engaging, and oh-so-Bumfy.

Tech Troubles? No Problem!

Integrating parcel panel with Klaviyo and Shopify with Klaviyo? Yeah, it sounds techy and tricky because it was. But guess what? We were all over it. Our team was there through thick and thin, ensuring everything worked like a charm, even after the project wrapped up.

The Big Reveal: A Happy Ending

The outcome? Bumfy didn’t just get a website. They got a digital masterpiece, and right on time for Black Friday! Happy client, check. Awesome website, check. Email marketing set to wow, double-check.

Sample Welcome Email

A Little Advice for Eco-Friendly Brands

  • Be Flexible, Be Smart
    Bumfy’s journey is a lesson in adaptability. In the fast-paced digital world, being able to pivot and find the right partners, like emrktg., can make all the difference.
  • Content: Your Secret Weapon
    Never underestimate the power of great content. It’s not just about filling pages; it’s about telling your story in a way that resonates with people (and search engines, of course!).
  • Emails: More Than Just Messages
    Emails are like little ambassadors of your brand. They’re a direct line to your customers. Make them count. Make them fun. Make them Bumfy-level awesome.
  • Tech Support: Your Safety Net
    And hey, technical glitches happen. The key is having a team that sticks with you, making sure every widget, integration, and plugin plays nice.

Wrapping it Up

So, there you have it – the Bumfy story. It’s a tale of a little bamboo toilet paper brand and a marketing agency that could. It’s about turning challenges into triumphs and doing it in style. For Bumfy, it was about launching into the eco-friendly market with a bang. And for us at emrktg., it was about being that reliable, creative force that could make it happen.

Remember, whether it’s about eco-friendly brand marketing or making the next big thing in sustainable products, it’s all about the journey. And if you’ve got the right, reliable ecommerce team on your side, well, the sky’s the limit!